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Review: TubeMate, the best app for downloading YouTube videos

If you look for reviews on apps that allow you to download YouTube videos, you will often find apps that people do not like. Look for reviews on TubeMate, a popular YouTube video download app, however, and you will be hard pressed to find a review saying anything bad about it.

That is why, when I started to look for a good app to use to download YouTube videos, I quickly decided to download and try TubeMate. Not only am I happy I did, I have been using it almost every day for months now and could not be happier with how easy it is to use.

Why choose TubeMate — I wanted an app that did not take up a lot of space in my phone and tablet storage. I also wanted an app that made downloading YouTube videos easy to do, and did not come with a huge number of options I did not need.

When I researched TubeMate, I quickly discovered it fit all of these requirements. It also downloaded in less than 30 seconds, was installed in just over a minute and hardly used any space in my storage. I was downloading videos just a couple of minutes after that and, since then, I have used it hundreds of times. It works every time.

Options that come with TubeMate — One of the best options is that it allows you to choose the resolution of the video you want to download.

That means you can choose lower resolutions if you just want to download a video once, and higher resolutions if you want to download a video that you will save permanently and watch again and again.

This resolution choice appears every time you start to download a new YouTube video, so you are able to choose a different one every time.

The app also allows you to choose where on your device you store the videos, and even allows you to download multiple videos all at the same time.

TubeMate is free — There are some YouTube video download apps that are exceptionally good, but they require you to buy them. TubeMate is free, so you can download videos without having to pay to do so.

The app also does not limit you to a set number of videos per day as some other apps do, which means you can download as many as you like when you like.

No problem downloading — In the past, I have used other YouTube video download apps that appear to be downloading a video properly. When you click on the video to watch it, however, it will sometimes be corrupted and you have to download the video again.

With TubeMate, however, the video downloads and it always downloads perfectly. This is because, if the file does start to get corrupted, TubeMate halts the download and lets you know you need to start it again.

With so many positives to using TubeMate, there really is no reason to ever use another video download app.

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