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How does a private Instagram viewer work?

The private account on Instagram enables the owner to allow only select individuals to access their content, including pictures and videos. Individuals not in the followers’ list cannot view the content on a private account until they have approval. If you are concerned about your privacy and do not feel comfortable with the idea of your content being exposed to anyone, a private IG account is the right solution.

While as an account owner, one can decide who gets to view their content, certain apps in the market, however, allow individuals to view private Instagram accounts. When you search on Google, you will come across many sites offering you the opportunity to gain access to a private account. While some are only there to scam you, there are a few options that indeed work. You do not need to send a follow request or wait for your request to be approved before you get to see their content.

Why would anyone need a private Instagram viewer?

As individuals, we all are entitled to privacy. We should have the right to maintain seclusion if we want. When talking about these apps, one may question the ethical aspect of the situation and wonder if it would be wrong to infringe on someone’s privacy. In an ideal world, it is indeed erroneous to do that.

However, certain situations may arise that call for the need to get access to someone’s private IG account. For instance, suppose you are a parent and concerned that your child is indulging in illicit activities. Similarly, you suspect your spouse or significant other of wrongdoings, even cheating, and you find out that they have a private account to which you do not have access. So what do you do to verify your doubts? Do you wait until it is too late, or do you take the matter into your hands and act proactively? If the latter is your choice, then a private Instagram viewer may be the solution to your woes.

How does it work?

The concept might seem impossible, but you can gain complete access to a private account without any follow request or any complicated software with a instagram private profile viewer. Private Instagram viewer apps and websites are easily available online.

The working mechanism of a private Instagram viewer is fairly simple. They are primarily based on the principle of bypassing Instagram security protocols so that the user stays undetected while using the apps, and human verification is not required for gaining access or getting through the security measures.

Here is the basic method based on which these sites or app work. One can easily gain access to a private account by adding the URL or user name of the respective individual. Simply put, when you click on the website of a private Instagram viewer, you will be required to enter the URL of the account you wish to see. Alternatively, you may be asked to enter the exact username, following which you may choose to view the pictures, videos, or both of the accounts. As a result, you can access private pictures and videos. Some platforms also enable you to export private media.


These private Instagram viewers are fairly easy to use and do not require you to download any software. They are convenient tools to gain access to the private data of just about anyone on Instagram. Moreover, since these tools leverage the loopholes in the Instagram platform, technically, you are not breaking any rules when you use them.


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