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A Quiz for Harry Potter Devotees

A Thrilling Quiz for Any and All Harry Potter Devotees   Harry Potter devotees have been waxing poetic about the books for many years. They’ve been waxing poetic about the movies for just as long. The movies have been delighting audiences all around the planet for close to two full …

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Review: TubeMate, the best app for downloading YouTube videos

If you look for reviews on apps that allow you to download YouTube videos, you will often find apps that people do not like. Look for reviews on TubeMate, a popular YouTube video download app, however, and you will be hard pressed to find a review saying anything bad about …

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Will Despocable Me 3 Be Any Good?

The new movie Despicable Me 3 is very promising because of the premise and the storyline as it progresses. This article explains how the movie will be good, and it shows that this series has moved in the right direction at every step. There are many characters in the movies …

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4 Benefits of Movie Streaming Sites

There are many people who would rather go to movie streaming sites than purchase the movies and you may be one of those people. There are four benefits as to why you would rather go to a website to watch a movie. Watching movies online saves you money, it is …

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RIP Love in Hollywood

The surprising breakup of Angelina and Brad Pitt is just the latest in a chain of celebrity breakups this 2016. It gives the impression that the success of an average Hollywood marriage has around the same rate of a non-white actor for the Oscars awards. Aside from the Brangelina, we …

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