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The Future of Movie Streaming


The introduction of fast and reliable internet connections that can handle the delivery of video, combined with the widespread adoption of smart phones, tablets, and, of course, the personal computer, has led to an expansion of movie streaming sites and services, some of which produce their own content. While sites like Netflix have been commonly adopted, new movie streaming sites like 123 movies, which allow you to watch free movies, have sprung up that offer unique features. What this foretells for the future is currently unknown, but the future of movie streaming services is likely to be based on the following factors.

Rise in Choices and Quality

There is likely to be an increase in the quality and speed of the various movie streaming services that are competing in the space. Download and streaming speeds will be faster and users will have more seamless content without the problems in latency that exist in many of the current movie streaming services. The options today for movie streaming services is likely to lead to a greater variety of different choices for users. Today, there is a limited number of different movies available for those who are looking to watch movies through these streaming services. In the future, a greater number of films and shows are likely to be available on these movie streaming services, reaching a nearly complete library of films on record. Users will be able to watch whatever they want to through these movie streaming services.

Cross Screen Adaptation

The world of media consumption is moving towards cross screen adaptation and movie streaming is likely to be no exception. As movie streaming options continue to develop, it is likely that movie streaming will follow around a user with connect devices. In other words, you will be able to start a movie on one device, such as a tablet, and continue watching it seamlessly on other devices such as smart watches and your laptop. Some aspects of cross screen adaptation is already in place while further integration and adaptation is likely to be put into place in the future. The future of movie streaming is likely to move towards integration between different devices.

More Content and Custom Offerings

Movie streaming services are beginning to develop their own content as a way of differentiating from the competition. Their own produced content is part of the appeal of each specific streaming service and is likely to be the way in which each provider differentiates itself in the future. Some of the existing original content is already winning awards and the amount of money that each movie streaming provider devotes to content creation is likely to skyrocket in the future. The ability to customize content is likely to be another way to differentiate themselves in the future for the different movie streaming sites. Some movie streaming services will be able to integrate the types of shows that people are passionate about by inputting those channels and types of movies that they are interested in. This specialized content will be at a lower cost than the buffet style options that are available on the market and thus provide more customized content for users. Both the users and media streaming company will potentially lower their costs with customized content and potentially expand their universe of users.

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