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Is it worth using paid streaming movie services when free ones exist?

If you love to watch movies online, you may be wondering should you pay for a streaming movie service or should you look for a good free one among all the ones currently out there?

With benefits to either, it can often be hard to choose. Especially if you are going to be spending a lot of money to see the movies you enjoy.

Here are a few reasons why free streaming movie services are often as good or better of a choice than those that you pay for. It is then up to you to decide what works the best for you.

Free streaming movie services have a huge selection — It used to be if you wanted to have a good movie selection when streaming online, just about the only place you could get it was at one of the paid streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

Nowadays, however, some of the free movie streaming sites have such huge libraries, you can find just about any movie you would like to watch. In some cases, they even have more obsolete movies that streaming movie services like Netflix and Hulu do not.

Easy to access — These free streaming movie services, like fmovies, are also easy to access, as all you do is go directly to the site and click on the link of the movie you want to watch.

You may have to watch a short video advertisement to watch movies online for free, unlike with a paid streaming service, you do not have to register, give away your credit card details or any of your personal information either.

Advertising on free sites is getting better — When the free sites started out, many of them were absolutely inundated with advertising.

What that meant was there were ads all over the static pages of the site plus, when you clicked on a video, you had to watch three or four video ads before you even got to see the movie you came to watch.

Nowadays, however, the advertising on many of these sites has been cut down to a minimum and so is far less intrusive.

After all, few people mind watching one 30 second video advertisement if they are going to get to watch the movie for free. They do mind watching five or six.

Foreign films — If you like to watch foreign films, either with or without sub-titles, the free streaming movie services now have many of them.

In fact, some of them have a lot more foreign films than Netflix or Hulu and most of them have sub-titles as well.

If you are also looking for more obscure art films, you will often find these on specialty sites that have free movies you can watch.

While it is easy to get a paid streaming movie service, and watch it on every device, the free sites now have so many movies and are so easy to access, more and more people are using them. It is up to you if you decide to do so as well.

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