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Tips to help make applying for ESTA a little bit easier

If you are planning a trip to the United States, if you are from a country that has a visa waiver you will still have to apply for something called an ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This should be done several days before you plan on traveling to the United States, so you have plenty of time to get approval.


Here are some tips to help make applying for an ESTA just that little bit easier.


Get all the information you need in advance — Before sending off an application, make sure you have everything you need with you in advance. This includes your passport, your employer’s address and phone number, your emergency contact’s personal information and, of course, the address of the place you will be staying when you are in the United States.


Your credit card — You can also pay for an ESTA either with your credit card or with PayPal or a bank account. Make sure you have your credit card at the ready as well, as all of this can be done on the Internet if you do.


Be completely honest about the information you submit — The U.S. government checks information that is submitted to them on an ESTA application. That is why you need to be completely honest about everything you submit, including your employer, your income, your emergency contact and about the place you are staying while in the U.S. If you are going to be traveling around, make sure you book hotels in advance as much as possible, so that all this information can be submitted with the ESTA.


After all, the U.S. government just wants to make sure you are not an undesirable person and that you do not plan on staying illegally in the U.S. Having bookings are hotels will prove that neither of these things is the case.


Do not apply too soon — While some people apply for their U.S. ESTA weeks before they leave on their trip, it is not recommended that you do this. Once granted an ESTA, it will be valid for two years from the date that it is issued. As you have to pay for the application, there is no reason to waste several weeks of that two years by applying too early and, thus, having an ESTA for a period of time you will not be visiting the United States.


How long does it take to get approval for an ESTA? — One of the reasons why it is not recommended to apply for your ESTA too soon is because approval or denial is extremely fast. In most cases, once you submit the application, you will find out within 24 hours whether you have been approved or denied.


That is why you can submit an ESTA application just a few days before you leave for the United States, then your ESTA will be new when you get there and still have almost two years left on its valid usage.

Hire a professional writing service for your next big paper and you can save time

If you know you have a big paper coming up that you will have to research and write, you may already be worrying about how you are going to do that. After all, unless you are a good writer, or experienced in writing research-heavy papers, it can be daunting to even know where to start.

Time is also a factor, as writing a good paper does take a lot of time. That is why some people now pay a professional writing service to write their papers for them.

How does a professional writing service work? — Each service hires qualified writers to write the papers their clients do not have time to write. Each writer researches the subject, then writes a paper that covers it.

Papers are usually plagiarism free, unique and likely to please any professor that receives one.

What to look for when hiring a professional writing service — There are specific things you should look for when hiring any professional writing service. These things will help weed out the reputable ones from those you should never pay.

These include a service that hires qualified writers. As they are writing academic papers, they should have a minimum of a Masters degree and a PhD would be preferable for some subject matters.

The good professional writing services should also certify that every paper their writers produce is free of plagiarism. This means that not only did the writer not use sources he is not listing, but that the service itself runs every paper through plagiarism software before they send it to you.

Finally, you should also be sure any professional writing service you hire delivers every paper you order on time. After all, you have a deadline that you must meet with your professor, so they must meet the deadline you have given them.

If you use a specific service and they do not meet your deadline even one time, drop them for a service that does.

How hiring a professional writing service saves you time — Most students end up hiring a writing service as it saves them time they need to spend on other things.

If you are in school, and especially in university, there are so many things you need to study for the classes you take, being able to have someone else write a paper can be a huge stress relief.

Of course, if you hire a professional writing service, it does not mean you use them for every paper you need to write. Sometimes it is simply because the subject matter is difficult for you, or because something has happened in your life and you do not have the time to spend writing papers that you normally have.

The cost of hiring a service — The final thing you need to check before hiring any professional writing service is the cost of the service.

You should compare the prices a service charges with the features they offer, and with other services offering the same features, before you commit to anyone.